Our Farm

In the historic settlement of Agia Marina Stylida

In Agronia we use precision agricultural applications to cultivate varieties of olives, cherries and avocados. Through the optimum management of natural resources and following sustainable agriculture protocols, we respect the environment and produce quality products for the consumers.

Ideal microclimate - our farm, located at Maliakos Gulf, is only 300m away from the sea and surrounded by the big mountains range of Central Greece
Excellent water quality - 4 privately owned boreholes
Tree protection from severe weather phenomena
Efficient logistics management support as our Farm is adjacent to 3 main roads
Farm Infrastructure

Building facilities of 1000m2

Outdoor covered areas of 400m2

Cold storage facilities

Processing & storage of table olives

Maintenance areas

Loading/unloading areas

Farm workers accommodation facilities


Research & Technology

Our farm applies innovative management systems in the primary production sector
precision agriculture

We have created a model of managing our farm through the use of Precision Agriculture applications

  • Soil and tree variability monitoring
  • Precision irrigation
  • High precision fertilization and crop protection
  • Microclimate monitoring

We contribute to advanced and innovative agricultural research through research programs aimed at:

  • reducing the environmental footprint of the crop
  • promoting sustainable agriculture
sustainable agriculture
university agriculture

We cooperate with Universities and Research Institutes

  • Agricultural University of Athens
  • Benakeio Phytopathological Institute
  • ELGO-DIMITRA Institute of Agricultural Products Technology

In cooperation with:



Respect for the environment through optimal management of inputs and natural resources

Through best practices:

Rational irrigation of crops, so that there is no waste

Recycling of organic matter

Rational use of lubrication

Use of optimal cultivation techniques

environment protection
groundwater protection

We succeed:

Soil and groundwater protection

Saving energy and natural resources

Combating desertification

Better product quality


Quality & Safety

• High quality and product safety standards

• Integrated primary production management system

Where we are


Βιώσιμες Καλλιέργειες με συμβολή στην Καινοτόμο Γεωργική Έρευνα

Εφαρμογές γεωργίας ακριβείας, βέλτιστη διαχείριση φυσικών πόρων, βιώσιμη και αειφόρος γεωργία, σεβασμός στο περιβάλλον, για την παραγωγή ποιοτικών προϊόντων

Sustainable Farming contributing to Innovative Agricultural Research

Precision agricultural applications, optimum management of natural resources, sustainable agriculture protocols, respect to the environment, for the production of quality products